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Friday, July 13, 2007

Dustin's Homecoming Video

I've finally finished a video that takes place from the time we arrived in Stonewall until Dustin's arrival back home. I have been working on it off and on since coming back to Chattanooga. It never got any easier editing this together. (one of the reasons it took so long to finish)
Lisa and I shot most of the footage. The footage we shot has not been seen by anyone but us until. I was going to edit it all together before showing it. Some came from WTOK at the request of the family. Thank you WTOK for your coverage of the funeral. More footage came from Key Field, we thank them as well. There is an audio soundbyte from MS101 from the morning of Dustin's arrival back home. I hope everyone likes the video and never forgets how we all felt that week and still feel. The patriotism and love of everyone that day was tremendous.
The video starts off in Stonewall as everyone is out showing their support by putting out flags, the Stonewall VFD, was practicing for their Detail as Jerome I drove through town. The video transitions to that night, then the next morning as we traveled to Meridian via Highway 11. Lisa filmed this section as we drove by the Patriot Guard Riders, truckers and the many law enforcement vehicles that where to be a part of the procession. It was a long heart wrenching ride knowing what we where going to Key Field for- Not to welcome Dustin home with hugs and warm words but to a tearful homecoming of Dustin's flag draped casket. There's no way anyone can ever prepare themselves for such an ordeal.
Once the plane arrive carrying Dustin, we make our way back up Highway 11 through Enterprise, Stonewall, and to Quitman. Then one last trip back to Stonewall to Dustin's final resting spot.

I apologize for the quality of the video. It had to be compressed several times to be able to upload it online. The original version is over 1 GIG


Anonymous said...

i believe its the best one. sitting here crying in my patrol car. thank you


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. I know it must have been incredibly hard to do being family and compiling all the shots together yourself. My family's prayers continue to be with yours.

Courtney Swanner
QHS '04

Lyns said...

this video is amazing, thank you so much for this. myself and many others from albany werent able to be there for his actual funeral and it means so much to be able to see all this.
i cant help but still cry everytime i see any of this footage.

Anonymous said...

That was very touching!! Just some times you cant hold back the tears. The video was awsome!!!!

Jerome Moore

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy this video. nice. its amazing how everyone came together. like courtney said, our prayers are with you and your family!!

Jessica Lee
QHS '04

Anonymous said...

This is great can't wait to get the complete version. Me and your mama are setting here crying.

love you dad

Stacy said...

Thank you so much for this. Hope you don't mind if I post it on my blog for others to see.

DevilDog_99 said...

thank you all for your comments. I know that by being a part of something, you sometimes don't see everything around you. But from seeing it from different angles and point of views, one can see so much more and the video still didn't capture everything, But I hope that it gives everyone a sense of being a part of something very special even if Dusty's friends from all over the country could not be there. I know that everyone was there in spirit and their prayers.
If anyone wants to link to the video, please feel free, just reference it back to Dustin's Blog.
Thank you again Mom, Dad, friends.
Brian Rich